345 Soap Co. - Eau de Parfum - Bana-O-Rama

345 Soap Co.

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Coming July 10, 2pm Eastern

From 345 Soap Co:

Adding to our fun summer series, we bring Bana-O-Rama!

This fun scented soap is so refreshing you just might wanna eat it. Please don’t!

This takes me back to my roller skating days in elementary and junior high. Fun having, video game playing, just dorkin’ around summer days. The banana mixed with orange & cream is like a popsicle mash up. Finding this balance between these fragrances wasn’t easy. We didn’t want one to over power the other. This is a limited time release that ends August 31st!

Scent notes of banana, orange, and cream.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Fragrance.


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