345 Soap Co. - Rumpkin - Eau de Parfum

345 Soap Co. - Rhumpkin - Eau de Parfum

345 Soap Co.

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345 Soap Co. - Rhumpkin - Eau de Parfum

Rhumpkin, ahh, I see what you did there with the name. Bay Rum (no clove), Apple, & Pumpkin! What a nice blend; not too gourmand, not too spicy, a little tart from the apple. Perfect!

As fall is here, this is a perfect scent to bring welcome it. Cool weather, warm notes from the scent, but not overpowering. We were cautious when blending this batch, and no cloves were used.

Check out the label! We put the scent notes in the treasure map. So when you use this line, you will hunt for the scent notes, and find the treasure of the day!

Ingredients: Alcohol, Fragrance.


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