Maol Grooming - Holland Glen - Splash

Maol Grooming - Holland Glen - Splash

Maol Grooming

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Maol Grooming - Holland Glen - Splash

From Maol Grooming:

Join me on a stroll through Holland Glen. The trail begins at the head as the sunshine permeates through the thin veil of oak, birch, maple and pine. The sun sneaks through the tree canopy offering a touch of warmth. The babbling stream is heard on the other side of the hill, guiding us along the marked trail. As the trail runs further, the canopy overhead grows more dense, and the mossy earth begins to open and welcome you. The smell of the wet earth leads to the sound of a stronger and louder cascade of water. Turning the corner, we find the source, a six foot fall collecting into a pool below, surrounded by mossy rocks and glimpses of sun rays through the treetops above. This is Holland Glen.


Size: 100 ml

Ingredients: Denatured alcohol, Organic witch hazel, Vegetable glycerin, Aloe vera juice, Essential oils, Jojoba oil, Fractionated coconut oil, Castor oil, Liquid lanolin, Boerhavia Diffusa, Watermelon Extract, and Grapefruit seed extract.

Made in Canada

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