Aylsworth - Kopparkant Brass 360 - Ultra Fine Smooth Satin Bead Blast Finish

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The Kopparkant Razor

The spiritual successor to our flagship Drakkant razor, the Kopparkant offers the same shave geometry in order to provide a careful balance between aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency, while also reimagining some of the visual elements for a fresh and unique take.  Forged from 100% Brass 360, and finished with an ultra fine, smooth Satin bead blast, the Kopparkant (nordic for Brass Edge) gives you everything you'd expect from the original Drakkant, but in a new and exciting package. 


    • Material - Brass 360
    • Finish - Fine bead blast
    • Weight - 95 grams
    • Handle - 89 mm (3.5 inches)

    Gap/ Exposure:

    • Gap - 0.73 mm
    • Exposure - Neutral


    • Fully covered tabs
    • Higbee threading
    • Superior blade clamping
    • New Kopparkant handle design


    Razor $99
    Stand $35
    Razor and Stand Bundle $125



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