E&S Rasage Traditional - Zenith XL - Shaving Bowl

E&S Rasage Traditional

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Hand Made In France

This is a Bright Yellow bowl.  The picture does not accurately depict how bright of a yellow the bowl is.  It is very nice and bright.

A "ZENITH" resin Shaving bowl equipped with 4 bulges to facilitate the assembly of the shaving foam.

With this shaving bowl you will get a large volume of shaving foam with very little shaving soap, unparalleled smoothness while remaining very creamy and more persistent.

Shock resistant.

Advice for use : Squeeze with your finger, the equivalent of a small amount of shaving soap at the bottom of the bowl, taking care to spread it evenly. Wet your shaving brush with hot water, squeeze it lightly and work your shaving foam by making circles in the Shaving bowl until all the shaving soaphas turned into shaving foam. Add a few drops of water if necessary.

Dimension : Diameter : approximately 14.5cm, height : 6.5cm, Weight : 200gr

Each Resin Shaving Bowl is individually handcrafted and is a unique piece, although similarities may exist.

Because each Shaving bowl is unique, the one delivered to you will be the one shown in the photo.

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