Denton Majik - Truffle Shuffle - Artisan Shave Soap - 2.5oz

Denton Majik - Truffle Shuffle - Artisan Shave Soap - 2.5oz

Denton Majik

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DentonMajik Truffle Shuffle!

So yeah, I'm a huge Goonies fan!  Takes me back to my childhood days in the 80's.  Care free,  out with friends until dark, no phones, no checking in every half hour, just care free and having fun!  Going on adventures just like Chunk and the rest of the Goonies.  Chunk and Sloth loved Chocolate!  So here's a DentonMajik Tribute to the combined love of Chocolate between Sloth and Chunk!

Scent Notes: Chocolate Truffle.......LOL

**Lathering Recommendation** This is a softer and fairly thirsty soap. I would recommend bowl lathering.**

  1. Scoop out a small amount of soap and press into the bottom of your bowl.
  2. Shake off excess water from your brush. Keep a light trickle of water flowing from your faucet.
  3. Start to swirl your brush on the soap in your bowl. Soap and initial moisture from your brush should start to form a pasty consistency.
  4. Run your brush under the light trickle of water and shake off excess water.
  5. Go back to the bowl and keep swirling and mixing the soap and water.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you are creating a thick yogurty creamy lather.

**Discontinue if any irritation occurs. For external use only.**


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