Timeless-Razor - Stainless Steel SLIM Edition Safety Razor with Stand

Timeless Razor

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From Timeless:


SLIM EDITION: Stainless Steel Base Plate:  0.5mm blade gap.

This new slim edition base plate is wire cut on our EDM machine for precise tolerances.  The rinse out ports are then cut on our CNC mill, then get hand polished and finally they are LASER ENGRAVED on our new laser engraver.  This new design makes getting under your nose and neck easier than ever.  This AGGRESSIVE 0.5mm blade gap makes for a quick smooth shave.  Just don't press.  This is an aggressive razor but with the right touch it provides a smooth efficient shave. As with all of our razor parts this is made in house, by us, in the USA. 

Includes the TRH1 Knurled handle 12mmx85mm stainless steel

 These are fully interchangeable with all of our other parts.  They come with a set of washers just in case you have a handle that is threaded for a thicker base plate or to protect the plate from being scratched by the handle. 

  • This Slim Edition comes in solid 304 STAINLESS STEEL
  • Solid Bar. 
  • This only comes in one blade gap (0.5mm) AGGRESSIVE!!! This is smooth with the correct angle and rough with the wrong angle.  You will need to adjust from our other razor angles. 
  • There is a lot of blade feel with this razor but it is smooth and efficient if done correctly. 
  • Weight: 
  • SOLID BAR STAINLESS: 21 grams 
  • BLADE EXPOSURE: 0.05 mm


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