Martin de Candre Shaving Soap VÉTYVER (Vetiver) Scent - Sample -

Martin de Candre

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This innovative packaging is offered in a cardboard case in which is folded a sheet of paper impregnated with our shaving soap; all you have to do is pass your wet shaving brush on the impregnated side of the sheet and create the foam. You can dry the sheet between uses and keep it in its original case.

Compact, lightweight, this innovative sampling version will allow you to test our shaving soaps . Depending on your taste for the foam, these samples shaped as envelopes will allow you to perform 7 to 12 shavings, and even more for some!

Here again you will be able to observe the legendary foam of this soap whose extraordinary qualities make it famous all over the world ... A few rounds of shaving brush, and voilà: the film of dried soap quickly gives way to a thick layer of abundant and smooth foam that will give you a memorable shave!


Martin de Candre Shaving Soap SAMPLE Envelope  - Artisan Soap & 100% Vegan

  • Martin de Candre 'L'Original' Shaving Soap
  • Generates a rich, warm lather
  • Protects the skin and softens the beard
  • Provides an extremely close shave
  • Vetiver  Scent
  • Made from a vegetable oil base making it suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • Artisan made in France

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