345 Soap Co. - Bar Soap - Bel Air

345 Soap Co. - Bar Soap - Bel Air

345 Soap Co.

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Everything that we make at 345 has a meaning to us. A back story of some sort or special meaning. After all, this is about creating products that we use everyday!

Scent profile: Lavender, geranium, cedar, mahogany. These seem simple, but together they truly have an invigorating fragrance. This is the scent that you'll keep coming back to. The lavender and geranium are light and subtle, and support the masculine side of the fragrance, Bel Air.

Bel Air comes from the restoration of a 1956 Bel Air that my father-in-law is doing. He has been diligently working on it for a while now. Bel Air represents the every day man; hard working, dependable, a cut above. This one’s for him!

Bel Air is a fresh, clean masculine scent. Not a cologne, but an everyday scent that when you walk in a room, people notice, but feel comfortable about it. A welcoming fragrance for the hard working class!

Scent profile: Bergamot, lemon, tobacco, anise, cinnamon, sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, amber!!

We wanted to make a soap bar that had few ingredients in them, but still performed and lasted. Simple. That’s our mission. We also wanted to ensure we made the best quality product that we could. We used Activated charcoal. This is a great exfoliant, and skin nourishing ingredient.

Made in a small town in Colorado with ingredients that you can read, and understand!

Simple Ingredients: Olive oil, Water, Palm oil, Coconut oil, Sodium hydroxide, Activated Charcoal, Fragrance! That’s it!

Approx. 5 oz hand cut bar.

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