345 Soap Co. - Bar Soap - Shipwreck

345 Soap Co. - Bar Soap - Shipwreck

345 Soap Co.

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Shipwreck is a new favorite! Think of a pirate ship on the open seas...plundering treasure, sea salt, musk, wooden peg leg, a little spice….hoist the black flag and seize the day. With top notes of citrus, a dash of lavender, cardamom, moss, jasmine, bottom notes of cedar. It’s ozonic, fresh and clean!

We wanted to make a soap bar that had few ingredients in them, but still performed and lasted. Simple. That’s our mission. We also wanted to ensure we made the best quality product that we could. We used Activated charcoal. This is a great exfoliant, and skin nourishing ingredient.

Made in a small town in Colorado with ingredients that you can read, and understand!

Simple Ingredients: Olive oil, Water, Palm oil, Coconut oil, Sodium hydroxide, Activated Charcoal, Fragrance! That’s it!

Approx. 5 oz hand cut bar.

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