345 Soap Co. - The Mechanic - Bar Soap

345 Soap Co. - The Mechanic - Bar Soap

345 Soap Co.

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The Mechanic has some grit, determination, and a hard work ethic. They need a soap bar that smells nice and clean, like orange and has some grit added to it.

We added some natural Jojoba beads to it. This will help with exfoliation. Now, the beads aren't big and crunchy like you might find in an orange mechanic soap tub. They're more refined.

Jojoba is one oil that is closest to our natural oil that we produce. So it’ll fit right in.

You’ll get a large, 5 ounce bar (approximately). To help make the bar last longer, make sure it dries out after each use. This will help the bar retain the moisture and allow it to rehydrate.

Made in a small town in Colorado with ingredients that you can read, and understand!

Simple Ingredients: Olive oil, Water, Palm oil, Coconut oil, Sodium hydroxide, Activated Charcoal, Fragrance! That’s it!

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