345 Soap Co. - Yacht Club - Aftershave Balm

345 Soap Co. - Yacht Club - Aftershave Balm

345 Soap Co.

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345 Soap Co. - Yacht Club - Aftershave Balm

This is a very special soap, for a few reasons. The label looks a little different than a usual 345 label.

One of the traditional shaving members of the community, John C reached out and asked if his 16 year old daughter, Kaitlyn could design a label for an upcoming soap. John mentioned that Kaitlyn designs, and would like to attend the Rhode Island Institute of Art, and this would help build her portfolio.

We immediately said yes, and gave her the parameters that we’re going to call the soap, Yacht Club and the rest would be up to her as far as the design. She did a fantastic job, and should be very proud of her work. Thank you so much Kaitlyn!

The scent: Paco Rabanne 1 Million, Lucky! We haven’t seen the flanker scent Lucky and thought this would be a perfect fit for this project. Scent notes of Plum, Ozonic notes, Grapefruit and Bergamot; middle notes are Hazelnut, Honey, Cedar, Cashmere Wood, Jasmine and Orange Blossom; base notes are Amberwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss and Vetiver. This is a year-round cologne that isn’t overpowering, but yet will want folks to stand a little closer to you!

We wanted a scent to really pop, and embrace the idea behind the Yacht Club. The idea of Yacht Club is someone who enjoys being a part of a community, but not a uppity nose up in the air snob. Someone down to earth, has a hard work ethic, a deal maker, and heart taker! Loves their family, and friends!

We've realized that the post shave needs some extra love and care. These balms are great additions to your shave.

What's the big deal anyway?

As we release a new shave scent this balm will be added to the line up. Unscented balm available too!

Hyaluronic acid- This non-comedogenic will not clog your pores. In fact, it is the super power in the balm that helps hydrate your skin, and bring all the other goodness of the balm deep down into the skin.

Jojoba oil - Pronounced HoHoba, this oil is a humectant so it helps seal the skin so it doesn't lose moisture. This in conjunction with the hyaluronic acid make a great duo. Jojoba is also non-comedogenic.

See the theme? This balm gets into your skin, wont clog it, and then keeps the moisture packed in!

After you use the 345 aftershave, let it dry down for a minute then apply the balm. Scoop a small amount of balm with a finger, then place it in your palm. Rub your hands together and apply to your freshly shaved area!

With the upgraded Trinity base shave soap, upgraded rejuvenating aftershave, and now the extreme hydrating balm it will complete your shave and have your skin feeling refreshed!

2 ounce

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Sunflower oil, Emulsifying Wax NF, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Grape seed oil, Jojoba oil, Hyaluronic acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Vitamin E, Fragrance.

Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designer. This version is not to be confused with the original and 345 Soap has no affiliation with Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540.

Discontinue if skin irritation occurs.

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