444 Aftershave Balm


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444 Aftershave Balm 37g Tube

There is usually a good reason to try a product that has withstood the test of time, and 444 Aftershave Balm is a testament to this philosophy. This menthol-based tonic has been cooling gentlemen’s faces after shaving for decades with a simple formula that also includes distilled water, glycerin, disoproprilamin and carboxivinil resin. Although it can be used solo, many wet shavers mix a dab with a favorite after shave splash, enjoying the intense cooling of the menthol as well as the effective moisturizing of the glycerin.

444 is one of many superb products in the Portuguese tradition that have been helping men the world over complete their wet shaving rituals in comfort and style. A straightforward approach to calming the pain of razor burn, 444 is available now to our North American customers, ready to put out the fire when purchased through our online men’s traditional shaving shop.

Weight: 1.3 oz (37 g)
Made in Portugal

Ingredients: menthol, glycerin, distilled water,carboxivinil resin, and disoproprilamin

Tube: 37 grams


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