A A Shaving - Apple Valley - Artisan Shaving Soap

A A Shaving - Apple Valley - Artisan Shaving Soap

A A Shaving

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A A Shaving - Apple Valley - Artisan Shaving Soap

Apple Valley will take you deep in the vallies of the Appalachian mountains to an apple orchard. Aromas of fresh apples, apple cider, and cooked apples fill the air. As you walk through the ripened apple orchard on an early fall day. The smell of the wood from the apple trees fills your nose in a musky, spicy, herbaceous wood. Undertones of fresh red apples lighten the wood and whirls in an autumn breeze.

Each container of shaving soap contains approximately 4 oz of shaving soap.

Scent: The scent for Apple Valley boasts a fresh red apple scent quickly followed by earthy, herbaceous woods of Cedarwood, and clear wood. Vetiver and patchouli follow closely for a spicy, earthy blend with apples.

Ingredients: steric acid, beef tallow, castor oil, vegetable glycerin, water, mango seed butter, potassium hydroxide, illipe butter, mango seed butter, avocado butter, essential oils, sodium hydroxide, calendula oil, babassu oil

TO USE: dampen shave brush, load brush between 20-40 seconds(recommended) or scoop soap into preferred lathering method, apply 3-6 drops of water to brush or preferred lathering technique as desired to get lather density as desired.

Contains essential oils less than 5%. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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