Abbate Y La Mantia - Krokos - Aftershave Balm (Alcohol Free)

Abbate Y La Mantia

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Even the most sensitive skins will enjoy a post shaving without irritation or redness.
An after shave, that can be confused with a cosmetic.
FRAGRANCE: The delicate fragrance of precious saffron flowers makes the application possible after every shave, no matter what products have been used and their perfuming.
“Walking down the street with this fragrance could make you have a better perception of yourself”

OLFACTORY: NO ONE. But that is precisely the point. Enjoy everything used in the shaving ritual. With a good dose of freshness.
SENSUAL: a very moisturized skin all day long and no post shave marks. To show oneself to people as confident and non-uncertain men.
ACTIVE: holds an absolute record as:
-anti-redness (limits the effects of the blade on the face);
– free antiradicals (oxygenating the skin obtaining brightness and uniformity of the complexion); and
– lenitive (excellent also for sensitive skin); but most of all
– restores skin cells.
“since more than seven thousand years, like the elixir of youth”

3.4 oz

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