Abbate Y La Mantia Krokos Aftershave Lotion - (New 2021 Formula)

Abbate Y La Mantia

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This aftershave lotion could belong more to the world of perfumery than to the treatments of after shaving.
Fragrance: extremely precious petals of the saffron flower
Walking down the street with this fragrance could make you have a better perception of yourself.

OLFACTORY: here we are. Standing. The sun is rising. The sunlight is about to explode. The saffron flowers are about to open and invade everything. Waves of a sea made of grown earth.
SENSUAL: a very pleasant sensation from the contact with the natural elements: vegetable alcohol from barley fermentation. Contains cosmetic ingredients: tocopherolo and allantoin.
ACTIVE: Thanks to the saffron pistils it is a natural disinfectant and restores the subcutaneous microcirculation.
Effect of oily microfilmation, a real barrier against polluting elements and UV rays. “

Product Description

Our after shave lotions have been designed in an unusual bottle: a double glass bottle with ANTI-UV license. That is because our essences deserve to be protected, without adulterating their perfect balance.
As our products are not usual products, so even our after shave lotions are not usual after shave lotions.
3,38 oz

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