Abbate Y La Mantia - Shaving Soap - Matteo 9,11 - (New 2021 Formula)

Abbate Y La Mantia

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This soap is a message of peace.

Our saffron threads have been saponified together with a very precious essential oil of MUGWORT FROM MOROCCO. Our products do not add valuable raw materials but they convert them in order to create something unique. With mugwort oil, we wanted to bring out even more the antiseptic effect of saffron, thought to protect you from the possible bacterial charge of the razor.  Mugwort used to be called “the plant of the witches” exactly because of its inexplicable and therefore “magic” curative properties.

PRECIOUS FRAGRANCE: incense and myrrh.

Product Description

Natural Fragrance:
Incense and Myrrh

Soap Base:
Essential Oil of Mugwort from Morocco and Saffron threads.

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