Alpha Brush & Shaving Co. - Revolver Noir Synthetic G5D Shaving Brush

Alpha Brush & Shaving Co.

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This premium shaving benefits from the latest generation 5 (Alpha G5D) synthetic fibre knot and a lovely and grippy matte black, anodised aluminium, handle.

This brush is good for home and travel use, it's vegan and it looks amazing. Colour-anodising is not a plating, it cannot peel off. Composed entirely of aluminium oxide it is fully integrated with the aluminium substrate. The colour will not fade over the years and the finish delivers exceptional abrasion resistance.

The superbly engineered Black Aluminum handle delivers the firmest of grips thanks to ten engineered flutes.

This brush features the Alpha G5D knot - a synthetic knot in a badgers clothing. Truly superb fibres.

The G5D features the following:

- Great backbone. The stiffer hair gives you backbone similar to natural hair than nearly any synthetic.

- Ultra soft tips, even softer than the G4

- Retains water in a more efficient manner than traditional synthetics - just like a badger knot

  • Knot: 26mm

  • Handle length: 52mm

  • Loft: 55mm

  • Handle diameter: 29mm

  • Weight: 92g

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