Ariana & Evans - Tobacco Road - Parfum Extrait

Ariana & Evans - Tobacco Road - Parfum Extrait

Ariana & Evans

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Welcome to Tobacco Road our very first scent created in our all new Ultima Luxury line. The scent is very warm, inviting, masculine and complex. This will be a scent you’ll love smelling throughout the day and evening.  The tobacco is realistic, because we use tobacco absolute. I’m using a beautiful honey note, which was previously used when creating Ouddiction. I’m using Hinoki for the first time in this composition. Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress) offers a dry & woody note with soft herbal/lemony undertones. It’s very understated in this scent. The tobacco I’m using has a rich, nuanced, warm and slightly sweet scent and capped off with a rich amber base. For the fragrance, I also added a bit more valspice and added Australian Sandalwood. 

Notes: Hinoki, Honey, Bay Leaf, Tobacco, Smoke, Amber, Sandalwood


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