Arko Mens Shaving Cream - Hydrate 100gr

Arko Mens Shaving Cream - Hydrate 100gr


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The perfect shaving cream for those who cannot give up the joy of using a shaving brush. An enjoyable shave is guaranteed.

These shaving creams are a very popular choice amongst the wet shaving men. The shaving cream will soften facial hair, soothes and moisturizes the skin. It gives a comfortable close shave and leaves your face feeling supple, soft, glowing and with a healthy look. The scent lasts hours after shaving.
The shaving cream is refreshing, moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing. Wake up and refresh your mood with one of these superbly formulated Arko Shaving Creams. It would kick-start your day and would prevent any skin irritation, redness or razor burns during shaving.

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