Aylsworth - Drakkant Stainless Steel Safety Razor - Machined Finish

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Razors undergo a tumbling, deburring, and passivation process to sterilize and remove any burrs or sharp edges left over from the machining process. Subtle machine marks will remain like brush strokes on a canvas, telling the beautiful story of how your unique razor was carved out of solid steel. The surface of the 316 stainless steel will remain shiny and reflective.

Inspired by the legendary craftsmanship of ancient Norse blacksmiths, the Drakkant (or 'Dragon Edge') has been painstakingly engineered to provide a careful balance between aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency.

Forged from 100% marine grade 316 stainless steel, and manufactured to exacting standards by one of the most trusted CNC houses in the safety razor business, this functional work of art delivers a precisely optimized shave experience that enables it to be a smooth and irritation free daily driver, while also ploughing through multiple days of growth in one or two easy passes when the need arises.


  • Weight - 97 grams
  • Thread - Standard 10-32 
  • Handle - 89 mm (3.5 inches)

Gap/ Exposure:

  • Original Plate - 0.73 mm/ Neutral
  • Plus+ Plate - 0.99 mm/ 0.15 mm
  • Open Comb Plate - 0.99 mm/ 0.125 mm


  • Fully covered tabs
  • Higbee threading
  • Unique serial number
  • Superior blade clamping
  • Trademark Drakkant handle knurling


    • Drakkant 316 stainless steel razor
    • Handmade razor box and EVA foam insert
    • Lifetime Warranty card


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