Aylsworth - Drakkant Stainless Steel Safety Razor - Satin (Bead Blast) Finish

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After deburring and tumbling, razors undergo a bead blasting process that will remove virtually all evidence of machining and replace it with a strikingly smooth satin appearance. The surface of the 316 stainless steel will remain lustrous but return light in a matte diffusion rather than a mirror-like reflection.

Inspired by the legendary craftsmanship of ancient Norse blacksmiths, the Drakkant (or 'Dragon Edge') has been painstakingly engineered to provide a careful balance between aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency.

Forged from 100% marine grade 316 stainless steel, and manufactured to exacting standards by one of the most trusted CNC houses in the safety razor business, this functional work of art delivers a precisely optimized shave experience that enables it to be a smooth and irritation free daily driver, while also ploughing through multiple days of growth in one or two easy passes when the need arises.


  • Weight - 97 grams
  • Thread - Standard 10-32 
  • Handle - 89 mm (3.5 inches)

Gap/ Exposure:

  • Original Plate - 0.73 mm/ Neutral
  • Plus+ Plate - 0.99 mm/ 0.15 mm
  • Open Comb Plate - 0.99 mm/ 0.125 mm


  • Fully covered tabs
  • Higbee threading
  • Unique serial number
  • Superior blade clamping
  • Trademark Drakkant handle knurling


    • Drakkant 316 stainless steel razor
    • Handmade razor box and EVA foam insert
    • Lifetime Warranty card


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