Baili - Adjustable Stepless Twist-To-Open - Safety Razor


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Product Description

Baili's new adjustable razor is easy to use and comfortable in the hand.  A beginner-friendly, adjustable razor with a butterfly opening, will provide a great shave at a fraction of the cost of other adjustable razors.  The adjustment mechanism allows for an easy transition from mild to a more aggressive setting, simply by turning the dial.

This twist-to-open razor also allows for easy and quick blade changes.

Total Weight: 98g

Handle Length: 105mm

Total Height: 115mm

 Razor Material: Chrome-plated zinc

How to Use: Twist the dial on the bottom to open and close. Twist the dial under the head of the razor to adjust from mild to neutral to more aggressive. Even at the most aggressive setting, this is not an overly aggressive razor.

Made in China

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