Barberia Bolognini Beard And Moutache Wax

Barberia Bolognini Beard And Moutache Wax


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Barberia Bolognini Beard And Moustache Wax (Cera Barba & Baffi)

Barberia Bolognini Beard And Moustache Wax is perfect for defining and modelling your beard and moustache.  It is a strong, versatile wax that allows you to shape your beard and mustache into your desired shape.

Use Instructions: Apply with your fingers on your moustache and beard and create your own style.

Barberia Bolognini is an italian brand founded in history and tradition. Their luxurious product line brings together innovation with a touch of originality. The products were created using the experience and professionalism of two brothers named Davide and Federico Bolognini. These modern day Barbers run Barbieria Bolognini, which is a small artisan barber shop, in Casorate Sempione in the province of Varese, Italy. The barbershop was opened in 1960 and is a family-run shop which celebrates the combination of vintage and contemporary.

Size: 50ml

Made in Italy

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