Barrister and Mann - Cootie Killer! Liquid Hand Soap - Lavender

Barrister and Mann - Lavender - Cootie Killer! Liquid Hand Soap - 8oz

Barrister and Mann

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We got lots of feedback for our first version of Cootie Killer! Folks asked us if we could make it bubblier and even more moisturizing, and if we could offer it in pump  bottles for easy use. We said sure!

So here’s introducing Cootie Killer 2.0! Fully reformulated from the ground up to be the gentlest hand soap you will ever use, and made with some of our most popular fragrances to keep you smelling awesome.

100% vegan, biodegradable, and cruelty-free. Not tested on animals.

Net wt. 8 fl oz., Made in the USA

Directions for Use

Pump a dollop or two of Cootie Killer! into wet hands and rub them together until a rich lather is formed. Make sure that you get in between your fingers and wash for a full 20 seconds! Rinse.


Purified Water, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Potassium Hydroxide*, Castor Oil, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Hydroxyethylcellulose,  Vitamin E, Saccharide Isomerate, Fragrance

*None remains in final product, but you need lye to make soap.

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