Educated Beards - Boar Hair Brush

Educated Beards - Boar Hair Brush

Educated Beards

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Executive Boar Bristle Brush for the Educated Man

ReDefine Utility.



  • Use this multi-function Boar Bristle Brush to exfoliate, polish and maintain your magnificence.

Product Dimensions

  • 5.5"
  • 40 g


  • For ALL skin types
Product Specs

SMOOTHS- Creates gentle tension, helping to smooth and polish the hair cuticle.

EXFOLIATES- Breaks up and lifts away dead skin cells to revive skin, maximizing the health of the epidermal layer.

STIMULATES- Energizes skin by stimulating dermal blood flow, encouraging the growth of healthy skin and hair.

CLEANS- Ideal for the removal of day-to-day dirt and debris.

DISTRIBUTES- Pulls product and natural oils down the hair shaft and through to the ends of the hair.


How To Use

For use anytime, on any length of beard. Ideal for even product distribution.

Glide brush through the beard hair, maintaining contact with the skin to encourage exfoliation. Final shaping may be completed using your boar brush and/or cellulose acetate comb.

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