Extro Cosmesi - Eau de Toilette Aftershave 125ml - O’ Selvaggio

Extro Cosmesi

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Extro O’ Selvaggio After Shave Parfum

O ‘Selvaggio, a tribute to one of the most important scent of perfumery. Eau Sauvage. It’s not a copy, but the search for the first fragrance I bought 35 years ago. the Verbena, which gives it a wild and masculine power after shaving Eau de Toilette.

olfactory pyramids:

Head: amber, citrus, woody

Heart: amber

Base: amber, patchouli, musk

You can use this as an aftershave and as a men's fragrance, it is suitable for daytime and evening. The aftershave will tone your skin leaving it refreshed and lightly scented.

Glass bottle with screw top, both can be recycled. This is a splash on product.


After shaving, dab the face dry with a clean cotton towel and splash on Extrò Cosmesi Barocco Eau de Toilette Aftershave. Apply also through the hair on the pulse points and on the back of your neck if you wish. The golden rule with men's fragrances is not to overdo it, apply sparingly.

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