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Extro Pirata Shaving Soap offers a formula enriched with extracts of royal jelly and calendula oil, which provides a feeling of comfort after shaving. All these ingredients, worked by hand, are used in high-quality cosmetics for their healing and anti-wrinkle properties. Thus, the skin regains softness and elasticity.

Pirata (Pirate) is a classic barbershop fragrance: Sicilian lemon, rosemary, bergamot, fern, jasmine, cinnamon, basil, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, & amber. Masculine, clean, mild.

This shaving soap is ideal for all types of beard and its creamy texture works very easily. It will foam easily on contact with water and shaving brush. The association with Pirata after shave lotion is surprising. You will appreciate its fragrance which evokes an old-fashioned hair salon.

Robust 150ml glass jar

Olfactory pyramid

Head: Lemon, rosemary, bergamot.

Heart: Jasmine, cinnamon, basil.

Base: Sandalwood, cedar-patchouli, amber.

Usage tips

  • Moisten the badger then make circular movements to raise the foam.
  • Apply the foam to the part of the face to be shaved evenly.
  • Pull the skin to facilitate the passage of the blade in the direction of the hair. If necessary, repeat the operation in reverse.
  • Store the beard soap without its cover. Thus, it will dry and assure you longer use, therefore, more economical.


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