Gillette - Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades - 5 Pack - Old Packaging Version


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Gillette's Silver Blue Double-Edge Blades make an excellent choice for the devoted wet-shaver. With precisely sharpened edges that draw smooth strokes across your face, you'll revel in a close and comfortable shave, each and every morning. These blades offer a forgiving shave, shearing close to the root of your facial hair, without pulling or causing any irritation. Renowned for their high quality, they're durable, promising you the most value per shave. Invest in one of these 5 packs, and carry on a true gentlemen's grooming tradition.

 Old Packaging Version

  • Manufacturer: Gillette
  • Country: Russia
  • Coating: PTFE (Teflon)
  • 1 pack of 5 blades

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