Ginger's Garden - Artisan Shaving Soap - Amerikesh

Ginger's Garden - Artisan Shaving Soap - Amerikesh

Ginger's Garden

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Amerikesh Best Natural Shaving Soap is a luxurious oriental blend of Turkish rose, night blooming jasmine, exotic spices, incense, West Indian Sandalwood with a touch of dark Patchouli and precious Amber. A scent like this is normally reserved for Indian royalty. I am able to offer Amerikesh shaving soap to you even if you are not born royal.

Now you can take a trip to the exotic world spice markets without leaving home. If you are a fan of deep, oriental scents like Dragon’s Blood, Opium, or Nag Champa, you will love this scent! This fragrance is sexy on any man that wears it. Create some mystery with Amerikesh shaving soap and the ladies will wonder who smells that good.

Amerikesh best shaving soap is vegan and is suitable for ladies as well as men. It comes in a wide mouth plastic jar that’s easy to use with a shaving brush. My formula creates lots of long lasting lather that will easily last for three passes. I added extra glycerin for easy glide of your razor and a comfortable smooth shave. Let this shaving soap bloom so all the fragrance notes come through. Get a close shave that will leave your skin conditioned and smooth. You can flip the unique lid for easy access and some side protection to keep lather from spilling. Or you can unscrew it for maximum surface area.

Ginger’s Garden shaving soaps are made from scratch by hand with wholesome ingredients. I use the tried and true European soapmaking method to give you the best quality soap for a wonderful shaving experience. This is a fantastic soap for those that enjoy wet shaving. Buy Ginger's Garden after shave with it to complete your shaving experience

Net Wt: 5oz

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Stearic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Essential Oil Blend, fragrance.


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