iKon - Stainless Steel B1 Slant - Double Edge Razor

iKon - Stainless Steel B1 Slant - Double Edge Razor


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IKon B1 Slant safety razor with exclusive 80mm Bulldog handle in Polished Stainless Steel

The B1 Slant razor has been in demand for many years by all fans of traditional shaving. Today, thanks to the joint venture between Barbieri Uniti Srl and iKon safety razors, this razor is back available and not in a "limited" form but as a continuous production.

The B1 Slant head it is still today, a legendary product and legends never arise by chance. The design studio to give a perfect twist it is made visually satisfying and appealing by special spikes (teeth) that help keep the blade in place during shaving. The technical construction material of the B1 Slant is stainless steel (stainless steel) in black. The brilliant black coloring (defined precisely B1) is another unique strength of iKon. How this “painting” was developed is an industrial secret but once in your hands, you immediately realize how extraordinary it is from all points of view .. and it is not a mere aesthetic factor. provides corrosion and stain protection, protecting stainless steel from oxidation. This painting specFurthermore, it is much smoother than normal on the face during shaving.

In this version, the handle associated with the B1 Slant head is the Bulldog 80mm handle in polished stainless steel.

Made in the USA, the Bulldog 80mm is 10mm shorter than the Bulldog 90 handle.
The iKon Bulldog 80mm handle is made of high-strength 316L stainless steel.
Length 80mm - Diameter 12,5mm
Offers a perfect grip and balance.

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