K Shave Worx - Dark Horse - Shave Soap, 4 oz

K Shave Worx - Dark Horse - Shave Soap, 4 oz

K Shave Worx

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Product Description

This soap is a blend of tobacco and patchouli.

Directions: 1- Add warm water to soap container a couple of minutes prior to loading to allow top layer of soap to soften. 2-Take pre-soaked shave brush and squeeze out excess water from the brush. 3- Dump water from soap container. 4-Load brush using a swirl pattern with medium pressure for approximately 15 seconds. 5-Create lather with swirling motions in bowl or on skin until desired lather is formed. Add water to tips of brush if necessary. 6-After shaving is complete- rinse brush thoroughly with warm water and shake out any excess water from bristles of the brush. Allow brush to air dry 7-Keep top off soap container until soap is dry. May take up to 24hrs. 8- Between shaves keep soap covered in cool, dry place. 9-Contact us when soap is low to purchase more soap!


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