Laugar of Sweden - Hulderheim Shaving Soap 125g

Laugar of Sweden - Hulderheim Shaving Soap 125g

Laugar of Sweden

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HULDERHEIM is a perfume-free shaving soap made from the same fine ingredients as all Laugar’s soaps. Gives a very fine lather quickly and the soap is enriched with luxurious shea butter to give extra good post shave. All on fine organic ingredients. Suitable for you with allergies, who are sensitive or want to perfume slim.

Making shaving foam with this is a breeze – it’s hard to stop. The shaving foam becomes thick and creamy. The soap should give a good glide to your razor and protect your skin against razor blades or razors.

HULDERHEIM contains first-class organic ingredients – sweets for the skin and good for nature. The shaving soap is extra enriched with luxurious Shea butter that moisturizes your skin (post shave).

HULDERHEIM is a hybrid shaving soap, which means that it is made from the double lye of Koh and NaOh (potassium lye and caustic soda). All lye is saponified (saponification) and, among other things, fine glycrine is formed naturally in the process.

Perfume free. No allergens. Allergen free. Cruelity-free
Suitable for anyone who is sensitive, allergic or sensitive.


Ingredientes: Aqua (agua), ácido esteárico (ácido esteárico orgánico, aceite de coco nucifera (aceite de coco inodoro), manteca de semilla de cacao Theobroma (manteca de cacao), hidróxido de potasio (KoH), aceite de fruta Olea Europaea (aceite de oliva), aceite de ricino (Aceite de oliva) aceite de ricino), hidróxido de sodio (NaOH), mantequilla de butyrospermum parkii (manteca de karité), aceite de semilla de Simmondsia Chinensis (aceite de jojoba).

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