Le Pere Lucien - Shave Soap - Oud Nerol - 150g

Le Pere Lucien - Shave Soap - Oud Nerol - 150g

Le Pere Lucien

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Le Pere Lucien - Oud Neroli - Shave Soap - 150g

Imported from France

Barber's soap Premium Oud Neroli with shea butter, 150g.

We find Barber's soap in the premium range with Oud Néroli scent. In 150 grams format, we have enriched this soap with shea butter and very precious essential oils of neroli, oud, musk and cardamom. Its very masculine fragrance will go perfectly with Oud Néroli aftershave eau de toilette. The new formula of this Oud Neroli soap based on shea butter makes it harder, easier to lather and even more protective.


Fragrance : Powerful, mysterious, woody and oriental citrus notes.

Neroli is the essential oil of orange blossoms, produced from the blossom of sour orange. The name “Néroli” comes from Anne-Marie Orsini, Princess of Nerola in Italy. It was she who, around 1680, started the fashion to use the essence of the bitter orange blossom as a perfume in one's bath. The bitter orange blossom is the emblem of innocence and fertility.

The agarwood (Aquilara malaccensis) , also called oud wood, is a fragrant resin invaluable produced by diseased wood from certain Asian trees. These trees belong to the genus Aquilarias. These are trees up to 40 meters high and 60 centimeters in diameter. There are at least twenty species of Aquilarias producing agarwood. The most valuable is provided by Aquilaria crassna when infected with certain fungi or bacteria. Only 10% of trees are naturally infected, which is why agarwood is so valuable. When the infection is complete, the tree begins to produce an aromatic resin called Agarwood or Oud.


In order to obtain a creamy and covering foam that will protect you throughout your shave, we recommend that you wet your shaving brush and work your foam for a long time (from 30 seconds to one minute). Its change in appearance will let you know that it is ready to use.

Our tip: In order to preserve all the qualities of your soap, we recommend that you leave it open at all times. It will dry, become harder and more economical and its fragrance of Oud Néroli will pleasantly perfume your bathroom.


Ingredients: Potassium Stearate, Potassium Cocoate, Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Coconut Fatty Acid, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance (essential oil).

Allergens: Linalool, Limonene (from essential oils).


Box with lid, stainless steel, 150g.

EAN code: 3770007309518

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