Le Pere Lucien - Aftershave Splash - Barbershop

Le Pere Lucien - Aftershave Splash - Barbershop

Le Pere Lucien

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Imported from France

Aftershave Le Père Lucien Barbershop 100ml

Specially designed for a Facebook group, this aftershave uses the subtle blend of essential oils from the shaving soap of the same name. The essential oils of orange, lemon, sage, rosemary and cinnamon are combined in a typically Italian fragrance. Anything reminiscent of freshness, sun, and spices.

This Barbershop aftershave with light and sunny Cologne fragrance will delight your shaving. In addition, its 100ml format is both practical and light for traveling.
In addition, like my majority of our products, this Barbershop aftershave is 100% natural and artisanal

Indeed, this totally vegetable aftershave is made from grain alcohol and contains vegetable glycerin for perfect hydration and obtain perfectly soothed skin after shaving.


Our tip :

If you do not want to have the vigorous effect of alcohol but only the benefits of glycerin and essential oils, pour a glass of this AS in the palm of your hands, rub them together in order to evaporate most of the alcohol then gently massage your face.

Ingredient: Denatured alcohol, aqua, glycerin, fragrance (essential oils), limonene *, linalool *, geraniol *, citral *, eugenol *

* from essential oils

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