Le Pere Lucien - Aftershave Splash - Traditional

Le Pere Lucien - Aftershave Splash - Traditional

Le Pere Lucien

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This traditional barber's lotion is an alcoholic aftershave with 10 essential oils that has been designed to calm razor burn.

Real moisturizing treatment thanks to vegetable glycerin, it concentrates all the astringent, disinfecting and soothing virtues of its essential oils

Beyond the simple after-shave, our aftershave lotion is 100% natural and has been developed with essential oils selected for their virtues. Vetiver, sage and ho wood have soothing and disinfecting properties. Tea tree, niaouli and rosemary have astringent properties.

It was designed in collaboration and under the supervision of a qualified herbalist pharmacist.

Ideally dosed in vegetable glycerin, this lotion is also moisturizing and restorative. Its alcoholic rate of 70 ° is ideal because it is perfectly antiseptic without causing the slightest tingling sensation. Finally, rich in unsaturated substances, it is an antioxidant. Much more than a simple perfume lotion, it is a real care for your skin.

The fresh and woody notes of this aftershave, reminiscent of the smell of a Provencal garden, are both traditional and contemporary. In line with the image of all Le Père Lucien products. It will bring you freshness and soothing, while leaving your skin naturally protected and hydrated.

Our tip: In the case of a shave that would not have gone very well (irritated skin, no blood, micro cuts), in order to avoid the burn of alcohol, just put a few drops of aftershave in the palm of your hand and then rubbing your hands together to warm the lotion. This action will evaporate the alcohol before gently patting your cheeks. So you will have all the benefits of glycerin and essential oils without having the pungent sensation of alcohol.


Ingredients: Ethanol denat, Aqua, Glycerin, Fragrance (essential oil).

Allergens: Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol, Isoeugenol


Net volume: 100ml

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