Lucky Tiger Hair Styling Cru-Butch Control Wax Pomade

Lucky Tiger

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LUCKY TIGER Cru-Butch & Control Wax 

Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch & Control Wax delivers premium hold to crew and  buzz cuts as well as other short and dramatic hairstyles. Lucky Tiger  Control Wax is stiff enough to make a rockability pomp stand tall yet  soft enough to work gently into the hair. Firm stiff flattops to right,  slicked-down sides, this versatile control wax keeps you looking as  sharp as the day you left the barbershop. Packaged in a handy travel  size container, Lucky Tiger Control Wax goes everywhere you do so you  look your best at every turn.


  • Cru-Butch & Control Wax For Short Styled Hair Cuts
  • Delivers Premium Hold with A Flake-Free Matte Shine
  • Handy Travel Size Container


  • 3.5 oz

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