Noberu Of Sweden - Shaving Cream 100ml - Sandalwood

Noberu Of Sweden

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Noberu Of Sweden Sandalwood Shaving Cream. This is a luxurious shaving cream that is fragrant, gentle and giving you the best possible shaving experience.A thick, creamy and pleasant foam protects your skin and provides better "glide" for the razor which prevents irritated and blotchy skin.

HOW TO USE IT: You can whip up the cream with a shaving brush directly in the can.Use warm water so the lather is nice and warm - it opens the pores, soften beard and is of course also more pleasant than cold lather.If you don’t own a shaving brush, it is as well to use your hands, take the shaving cream in the size of an almond, add a little warm water and lather between your hands before applying to the area to be shaved.

CHARACTERISTICS: The cream is packed with nourishing characteristics that are gentle on your skin.The cream is glycerin based, which helps to create the fine and thick lather that gives you a closer shave.

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