Omega - Evo 2.0 Synthetic Fiber Shaving Brush - Veteran Purple

Omega - Evo 1891 2.0 Synthetic Fiber Shaving Brush - Veteran Purple


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Shaving Brush EVO 2.0 synthetic. Veteran Purple – Omega

Omega’s EVO series of shaving brushes needs no introduction.
Launched on the market in 2019, it has quickly become an instant classic with stratospheric success and thousands of pieces sold. This was thanks to the quality of the materials used and the extraordinary synthetic tuft that characterized it.
Omega, with its synthetic hair Evo shaving brushes did what we all thought impossible: Beat the Badger Hair, becoming the favorite shaving brush of European customers.

Now, 3 years later Omega releases the 2.0 tuft of its synthetic shaving brushes.
The technology advances, the study of materials also and the result is an open wavy synthetic hair fibre that is superior in every way to the previous version.

The leader of this 2.0 generation is Evo Purple Veteran. Amaranth version of the best seller Veteran.


Tuft Knot: 28mm
Tuft height: 51mm
Tuft Type: Synthetic – Silversynth 2.0
Handle : Purple Veteran
Handle height: 54mm
Total weight: 94gr

Made in Italy

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