PantaRei - Italian Shaving Soap - Zammu

PantaRei - Italian Shaving Soap - Zammu


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PantaRei Zammu Shaving Soap 100ml

This soap with hints greens who agree in a concert of elderberry notes, giving a trip to another era, wants to be a tribute to Palermo.

Soap contains among its ingredients, the kaolin powder which gives cleansing and that feeling of toned and relaxed skin in the post shave.

"The ancient Palermitan custom, suitable for the refreshment of the limbs subject to parched heat, consequence of the warm summer climate (and not only) of the Sicilian afternoons, when the" rubbish "of the lords of the nobility of the past was a custom and natural expression of the social life of a bygone era, returns in a shaving soap in which the typical olfactory hints "of the water cu 'zammu" echo.

On the cover the lay protector of the city, the Genius Loci, present in the legend and history of Palermo since the ancient Punic wars.

It is no coincidence that, right next to a Genius Loci (that of Piazza Revolution), stands one of the oldest (or rather the oldest) production house of UNIQUE ANISE and this is why it was chosen as the cover subject, entirely hand-drawn.

Olfactory Pyramid

Top notes: Anisata, Green, Citrus, Mentolata, Eucaliptus
Heart notes: Hawthorn, Spiced
Base notes: Anisata Balsamic

Format: 100Ml


How to use: moisten the surface of the soap with a light film of warm water. Leave for a few seconds and deposit the liquid thus formed in the possible mounting bowl or discard it in case of face mounting. For assembly directly in the soap bowl, act on the surface of the soap with a slightly damp brush (avoid excess water when loading the brush) by loading the brush properly. You can then mount it on your face or continue mounting it in a separate mounting bowl, as desired by the customer. Add water and beo caso, thus balancing the hydration level of the soap. Rinse the soap bowl and let it rest, during the shaving time, upside down in order to drain any excess water.


PantaRei, your idea, our passion:

PantaRei Brushes was born from an idea of Alessandro Pistoia, already a collector and lover of freehand shaving.
The possibility of combining ceramics with an ancient art such as "gentle" shaving comes to life with the works performed by professionals / artists in the sector with many years of experience.

Together with the beauty of the piece, it combines a valuable functionality: the best tufts, of extreme quality, are assembled with craftsmanship and professionalism.

But not only brushes and bowls, with masculine and classic fragrances with its soaps and afetershave Panta Rei touches the world of wetshaver.

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