QED Select - 3524 Faux Horn Manchurian Silvertip Badger - 24mm knot


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A substantial brush made with the quality and aesthetics one expects from QED. Apart from the comfort and secure grip offered by the lathe-turned ergonomic handle, the high quality resin strikingly captures the look of natural ox horn.

The Select’s 24mm hair bundle contains a generous amount of Manchurian silvertip badger hair, sterilized, sorted, weighed and tied by hand. Contrary to popular marketing, Manchurian silvertip is not a grade of hair as much as it is a location. Sourced from the coldest region of Northeast China (historically known as Manchuria) this uncut unbleached silvertip is noted for its softness. Unbleached silvertip badger hair varies naturally in color from off-white to gray. (See Further Details link below)

Bulb shaped, this brush will offer the ideal balance between backbone and soft tips. Due to its water retention capacity the QED Select Manchurian silvertip badger hair generates a luxurious lather that provides ample lubrication for the razor to smoothly glide over the skin. The Select is truly a delight to use. $74.00

Brush measurements (approximate):
• Faux Horn Handle height = 50mm (1.97")
• Manchurian Silvertip Hair height = 51mm (2.01")
• Total height = 101mm (3.98") 
• Knot size [hair diameter at base] = 24mm (0.94")


NOTE: The faux horn handles are unique and will have slight pattern and color variations from what is shown in the photo. The gold tone in the lettering on the bottom of the handle is not intended to remain permanently; it will fade over time, allowing the beauty of the faux horn to show through the engraved letters.

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