Razor Emporium - 3" Latigo & Canvas Straight Razor Strop - Made In USA

Razor Emporium

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Manufactured by Razor Emporium in Phoenix, AZ 

This handsome American Made latigo strop is ideal for both performance and value for today's traditional shaving enthusiast. Featuring 3 inch wide, 18 inch stropping area, you get an easy to use, well made strop that will keep your straight razor sharp and keen. 

Width: 3"
Stropping Area: 18"
Strop Length handle to handle: 29"
Key benefits:
  • American Latigo leather in burgundy- a high quality, supple leather with medium draw
  • American cotton-canvas back to de-burr your edge and protect your leather side
  • 3 inch wide to eliminate a cross stroke pattern and make it easier to learn how to strop for the first time
  • Hand assembled and finished in the USA

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