RazoRock Baby Smooth 3-Piece Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor

RazoRock Baby Smooth 3-Piece Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor


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The intention of the RazoRock Baby Smooth was to design and build a safety razor specifically for sensitive skin and for daily shaving. The criteria was:

  • The razor must be easy to use and finding the correct attack angle must be intuitive 
  • The cutting action must be efficient but mild
  • The geometry of the head must aid in reducing the occurrence of ingrown hairs and razor burn
  • The handle must be comfortable but provide optimal grip even if used with the slickest of shaving soap, cream or oil
  • The razor must be build using CNC machining
  • The razor must offer unparalleled value-for-money in the double edge safety razor market

It’s built from billet and rod 6061 aluminum. 


Complete Length : ~ 98 mm

Handle Length: 90 mm

Handle Diameter: 13 mm

Weight: ~37 grams (1.3 oz)

Material: 6061 aluminum

Finish: Anodized finish(Handle is glossy and head is matte blasted)

Build: CNC machined head (billet), CNC lathe turned handle (rod)

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