Semogue 1438 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush


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Start the day right and apply shaving cream smoothly and evenly across the face by using the Semogue 1438 Natural Boar Bristle Shaving Brush. Every boar bristle shaving brush has a strong handcrafted component for that special shave and application of shaving lather. Comes with a stylish painted Beech Wood handle. Every shaving brush is made from branded imitation badger Extra 75% top bristles for a durable and long lasting efficiency and durability without compromising style. 

Semogue is a family owned business of Portuguese origin and has been manufacturing its shaving products with the finest quality materials using the top end of the bristles from boar or badger, and handles from either wood or acrylic. The company has been in business since 1954. 

Knot diameter: 21 mm 
Bristle loft: 49 mm 
Handle height: 48 mm 
Overall height: 97 mm 

  • Made in Portugal

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