Semogue 620 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

Semogue 620 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush


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Hand-crafted in Portugal, Semogue's Pure Bristle Shaving Brush is a classic grooming essential. Its two-tone acrylic handle is bold and stately, showcasing a sleek vitreous base and an inky black top. A full-bodied knot of pure boar bristle is astutely cinctured by a sterling ring, creating a uniquely attractive visual design. Held in your hand, this brush sits comfortably, and the bristles are soft against your skin, applying lather effortlessly. Stand this fine piece atop your bathroom counter, and shave the way the sophisticated man does.

Knot diameter: 23 mm 
Bristle loft: 50 mm 
Handle height: 47 mm

Made in Portugal

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