Semogue Owners Club - Premium Boar - Cherry Wood Shaving Brush

Semogue Owners Club - Premium Boar - Cherry Wood Shaving Brush


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An elegant engraved handle and highest quality boar bristles make the Semogue Owners Club Cherry Wood Bristle Shaving Brush a welcome find for men who prefer wet shaving. Reissued by popular demand, the handcrafted cherry wood handle and boar bristles create a perfect lather for a close and comfortable shave. The boar bristles prepare the beard well for an effortless shave, raising the hairs and gently spreading the lubricating lather for your favorite razor to glide through effortlessly. 

Since 1954, Semogue of Portugal has offered gentlemen the finest shaving tools and products to be found in the world. Handmade shaving brushes with best quality boar bristles or badger hair is a particular passion for the craftspeople of Semogue, and sophisticated men seeking premium shaving brushes need look no further than the range developed by this family-owned company. Refusing to let the tradition disappear, Semogue intends to continue to create memorable wet shaving tools for men of distinction everywhere. 

Knot diameter: 24 mm 
Bristle loft: 57 mm 
Handle height: 57 mm 
Made in Portugal

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