Shavemac - Shaving Brush ML2 Silvertip 2-Band Fan Shape 24mm/50mm Black/Brown


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Shavemac - Shaving Brush ML2 Silvertip 2-Band Fan Shape 50mm Black/Brown

Shavemac Marble Two Band Silvertip Fan Shape ML2 50 mm Shaving Brush. Brand well-known for high quality handmade brushes. They are fitted with excellent two band silvertip hair. These brushes stand out for their shiny, soft tips. It has a dark middle that gives the brush density and firmness. An excellent brush that performs extraordinarily. This class of natural badger hair comes from a limited selection. To complete this brush, it is fitted with a spectacular, elegant handle made from marble imitation resin sculptured into an octagonal shape to make gripping easy. It is comfortable to use even when wet.

Knot Shape: Fan Shape to increase friction.

Knot diameter: 24mm

Loft: 50mm

Handle Height: 45mm

Made in Germany

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