Shavemac - Shaving Brush Silvertip 2 Band Badger 24mm/52mm Handle 84 Disco color


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Badger 2 Silvertip Brush Two Bands 24mm/52mm Shavemac Disc. Shavemac shaving brush of the highest quality. Head made with natural Two-band badger hair. Thanks to its thick and strong hairs, it is soft but provides good resistance, which ensures great efficiency and a long product life. (Smoothness: 9/10. Density: 8/10. Strength: 7/10) In addition, its Shavemac #84 shape handle made of special Disco color resin is ergonomic, easy to use and very elegant. In addition, its fan shape facilitates greater direct contact of the head on the skin and absorbs a greater amount of soap, thus providing practical and pleasant lathering.

Shavemac is a company founded in 1956 that dealt with plastic and wood processing, but quickly specialized in the manufacture of shaving brush handles. Since 1995 they have been dedicated to the manufacture of high quality handmade shaving brushes

Made in Germany.

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