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Simpson Trafalgar T1 shaving brush. Synthetic fiber

The Simpson shaving brush Trafalgar T1 is the latest captivating proposal created by the Simpson Brush Factory. Superbly turned handle and top quality synthetic fiber tuft.
An absolute quality / price ratio for one of the most important brands in the world shaving sector.

This Simpson shaving brush is distinguished by the following features:

Overall brush height – 82mm

Handle height – 40mm

Knot loft – 42mm

Knot diameter – 23mm

Final cleaning of your Simpson Trafalgar T1 shaving brush
This is the most "critical" phase for all brushes. It is necessary to make sure that all soap residues are removed from the knot, rinsing it with warm and clean water. Then gently tighten the base of the knot to assess if it is completely free of residues and finally, stroke the bristles on a soft cloth. Leave the hair to dry completely on the support (if available) or in a ventilated area (as near an open window). Allow the brush to dry completely between one use and another to avoid molds that could damage the hair. A proper drying cycle could take up to 48 hours, for this reason, the purchase of a second Simpson shaving brush is highly recommended.

Simpson shaving brushes: History

Many of the shaving brushes used on the face every day by the most distinguished, powerful and important men in the worldthey can boast their origins in the Isle of Man, home of the famous Simpson shaving brushes.
Simpson shaving brushes, are considered and widely recognized as the best of the entire planet, this because the company Simpson shaving brushes is deeply rooted in the shaving sector and is par excellence and merit as a point of reference for the production of high shaving instruments quality.

Scotsman Alexander Simpson, began producing shaving brushes in Clapham (London) in the 1919. In the 1929, the company exhibited for the first time at the British Industries Fair. The first registered address for Simpsons shaving Brushes was 53 High Street, Clapham, London, SW4.

After the factory in London was destroyed in the 1941 Blitz, Simpson moved the company to Somerset.
In the 1963, Gentlemen's Quarterly Magazine mentioned Simpson shaving brushes treated with ivory and the motto "You may never need to replace this product during your life" remains unchanged even today.

In the 2008, Simpson shaving brushes is purchased from Progress Shaving Brush (Vulfix), another popular shaving brush manufacturer, based in the center of the British Isles, on the beautiful Isle of Man.

Simpson shaving brushes are probably the only producers left in England to manually produce every single brush.
The wide range, the undisputed quality, the variety of products and materials, make Simpson shaving brushes the definitive choice for a large brush.

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