Strike Gold Shave - Grant - Patriot Base Shave Soap

Strike Gold Shave

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Introducing Grant , our first ever 'Hybrid Creation'. Blended with two of the most iconic modern day fragrances.Grant is sure to be a fragrance like none other! Upon first smell you will get an instantly recognizable Pineapple & Juicy Bergamot  yet with a subtly sweeter composition. As Grant develops you will sense more and more of the notes you love. Depending on the wearer this fragrance can lean to Male or Female making it the optimal Unisex fragrance for both daytime wear & a night out. TAKING FROM ALT WEBSITE.

SOAP INGREDIENTS: stearic acid, tallow,goats milk,water,shea butter,kokum butter, potassium Hydroxide,sodium hydroxide,fragrance,caastor
oil,glycerin,Tussah Silk.

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